Below are a few projects I created where I was able to publish the code.

Responsive Test Project

A little project to test out responsive web design and CSS animations. The general architecture and organisation has proven itself very useful to me over the years.

It took about 22 hours to code from start to finish.

Technologies used: HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Gulp

Sinatra CRUD

One summer a friend and I had an idea for a little startup. When we both started university in the fall we sadly didn’t have enough time to actually launch it. The code is rough on the edges but I think it’s useful for people who are starting to get into programming.

We learned a lot creating the whole architecture from scratch. By not looking up common patterns we were forced to think hard about how to organise and structure an application. The project was a lot of fun and a great growth experience.

Technologies used: HTML, SCSS, Ruby, Sinatra

Personal Site

I went over multiple iterations of in the last couple years. Currently I’m settled on something simple with a little playful touch.

Try clicking on the background on the startpage.

Technologies used: Jekyll, HTML, CSS, particles.js

Older Projects

Over the years I created websites for music journalists, an architecture agency, jewlers, a member of parliament and many others.

Here are a few sites I worked on: